Magnum PI Inspired Accessories: The Tom Selleck Moustache Necklace

Moustache necklaces have been the big trend; but until recently, the trend has been small and dainty jewelry pieces, at least until someone came up with the bright idea to create a Magnum PI inspired moustache design.

Moustache NecklaceMoustache Necklace

Not only are these beautifully bushy ‘stache accessories modeled after Tom Selleck's famous facial scruff, they also made from the perfect material to represent his favorite alter-ego, made from metal perfect for any crime fighter.

The Selleck necklace has been so popular, that it's been sold out at the Etsy store that makes it, but by popular demand, it just might make a reappearance so that it can continue to put those wimpy ‘stache necklaces that the celebrities have been donning to shame!

Via: Incredible Things