Maintain the Balance with One Smart Bookshelf

I love books. I love balance. I might love balancing books. I've tried the book-on-the-head model walk before, and can make it quite some distance before the inevitable toppling, but what of maintaining the balance of my knowledge? Insert pensive nod and eyebrow lift here.

Denis Oh thought it might be a lesson in equilibrium to design this "Maintain the Balance of Your Knowledge" bookshelf. Great! My knowledge could use a little balancing, as I often fill my brain with useless trivia and rare facts I randomly throw into casual conversation. (Did you know that saliva actually forms a ball chain when elongated into a single strand? Fascinating.) But I think he's talking about the physical act of balance, that jokester, and not the filling in of all of the informational gaps I blame on my public schooling.

keep it togetherkeep it together

losin' itlosin' it

Balanced from one central axis point and weighted with two sliding frames beneath, there are several options for keeping things on an even keel. One option would be to keep the books fair and balanced, having equal weight distribution up top with the frames hanging out symmetrically as well. Yawn. How boring and composed. I like the idea of skewing the "knowledge" all the way to one side, and compensating from the bottom up. There's some pizzazz for ya. Only problem is that whatever book you pull or knowledge you seek, the repercussions are sure to be felt throughout the structure and you'll have to even out the whole accordingly. Now that's deep. Or maybe it's just physics.

Found via Inewidea