Majestic Drink Holder Looks Awesome As It Locks Down Your Soda

The Majestic Drink Holder is to standard auto cup-holders what the Luxury Fries Holder is to McDonalds' tacky red plastic Potato Holder, offering awesome looks augmented with a Swarovski-studded padlock. Hey, at least your secured soda will have some taste.

This superlative (they don't call it “majestic” for nothing) drink holder is made by Garson, a manufacturer of blinged-up auto accessories – one of which, in fact, is the Luxury Fries Holder. Scarfing down those luxurious fries al fresco is bound to get a one-percenter a tad thirsty, however, but Garson's got you covered with the Majestic Drink Holder – Type Padlock.

Why the padlock, you might ask... why not, we reply! Since it would appear there's nothing preventing a peckish passenger from simply lifting your supposedly secured soda from its kingly compartment, we'll have to assume the lock offers additional surface upon which extra glittering Swarovski crystal elements may be affixed.

And affixed they may be... in your choice of 11 sparkling colors! As for the Majestic Drink Holder itself, it features twin adjustable compartments so your cool sweating half-litre bottle or can won't moisten the smokes, lighter and/or smartphone nestled into the neighboring compartment.

You'll want to ensure your refreshing beverage occupies the niche closest to the dash, mind you, as the whole shebang mounts onto one of the vehicle's dashboard air conditioning vents. Not only does your swanky swiggable look cool, it STAYS cool – it's genius, I tells ya, genius!

Get your Majestic Drink Holder – Type Padlock by ordering online either from Garson direct or from Rakuten. If the whole padlock thing's a bit much for your sensibility, fear not: Garson also offers similarly engineered Majestic Drink Holders sans lock in Union Jack, Crystal, and Leopard themes. Rawr!! (via Jonelle Patrick)