Make A Wooden Ski Shelf

Storage shelves are meant to be simple, but why be original when you can create a unique unit that will pressure you to be organized.

Source: Five Whys  

Created by Neale McDavitt-Van Fleet, the wooden ski shelf can add a new way to how you store your books, CDs and DVDs. Instead of using ordinary lumber, all you need is a pair of old skis that you wouldn’t mind seeing on your wall.

Source: Five Whys  

Now if you’re an individual who doesn’t enjoy putting together anything (especially furniture), don’t be afraid to try this DIY project. It’s pretty simple and only requires four steps: cutting/trimming the skis, mounting brackets on the wall, drilling holes in the skis and putting it all together. If you don’t like the plain look of wooden skis, you also have the option of painting them whatever colour you like.

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