Make The Manliest DIY Invention Ever For Instructables “Manly Craft Contest”

Do you have an idea for a DIY project suitable for Chuck Norris, Han Solo or Captain America? Then you’ll want to share it with Instructables and Civilware for a chance to win some ultra-manly prizes from the Manly Craft Contest!




Instructables’ Manly Craft Contest is an open ended search for truly macho inventions and projects, and it’s up to you to create either a photo or video based guide to show the rest of us how you built that white rhinoceros taming saddle, flaming ninja stars or your infinite nacho dispenser. Both the Instructables community and their official judges will grade their favorites, but I’m sure that they’ll love your guide for converting expensive electric cars into cool monster trucks! This is a fairly new contest, and there’s still plenty of time for hardcore and brilliant inventions to show up in the Manly Craft Contest, but right now my runaway favorite is clearly Jaycub’s “Cast Aluminum Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol.”




For sharing the coveted art of building a life sized steel tyrannosaurus rex in your backyard, the sole Grand Prize winner gets a custom, one of a kind Civilware Striker knife and an Instructables prize pack. Don’t worry about not getting the top prize, as three First Prize winners will earn themselves a Civilware t-shirt and hat combo, as well as an Instructables pack, and ten lucky Second Prize winners get a Service Tin full of Lord Windsor Roasters' coffee and that special Instructables pack. Manly contest, manly prizes!




Click here if you’re ready to throw your “DIY armor for fighting polar bears” project into the running, just make sure that you post it to the Manly Craft Contest before the January 13th, 2014 deadline. Good luck, rugged innovators!