Cookie Stamper Lets Them Know It's Homemade


So few things these days are homemade.  Practically everything comes already prepared, wrapped and packaged.  Take cookies for instance; you can find entire rows of pre-made cookies in practically every grocery store; they come in every flavor and shape you can think of.  There are also tubes of cookie dough available and pre-formed cookie batter ready to bake.  It has all been created to fit in with our fast paced lifestyle.  Still, there is something to be said for having a real, homemade cookie.  Nothing can really compare and I am a big believer in making them yourself.



So why not flaunt the fact that you have taken the time to create something from scratch?  After all, it is a bit of a rarity nowadays.  The Cookie Stamper by Suck UK allows you to brand your cookie creations with the words “HOME MADE” in big block letters before baking.

Imagine the envy of your co-workers when you whip these little beauties out of your lunch bag.  They are also sure to be big sellers at the school bake sale.  I suppose the stamper may be used for a bit of deception too, allowing cookie batter buyers to take credit for something they didn’t really do, but I guess a little cookie corruption never hurt anyone.  Get your own stamper here.


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