Make Your Baby A Star With Movie Poster Birth Announcements

Having a new baby is a big deal, but more often than not, birth announcements fall flat, delivering the5-Star Baby5-Star Baby basic details about the birth, without really sharing in the excitement of adding a brand new, mini member to your family. A fun new company announces special milestones in style, and every time someone opens up their birth announcements the house lights will go down in preparation for the show to begin!

Okay, so maybe that won't really happen, but the bottom line is that your baby deserves to be the star of the show just for coming into the world, and his or her birth announcement should be fitting to its grand entrance into the spotlight. We've seen poster invitations and announcements before, but these ones are suited for the hottest babies born today. 5-Star Baby creates custom movie poster birth announcements, which are creative, gimmicky and perfect for any family that likes to steal the spotlight.

The birth announcements are in miniature size, so they are appropriate for distributing to family members who are certain not to forget the birth milestone when they receive the unique birth announcements. Key aspects from a movie poster are used to communicate the birth details of the baby; the Parents are listed as the Producers, the delivering doctors as the Director, Filmed in is the hospital the baby was born, the movie rating reflects the sex of the baby (e.g. rated B for boy, or G for girl), and of course the star of the show; the baby's name, date and weight!

5-Star Baby is making people feel like stars by putting new babies and their families center stage in the spotlight!

Jun 6, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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What a great idea!   20 years ago, I began my own business making birth announcements.  These are darling!

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