Make Your Bike Ride Safer With Wireless Rear Turn Signals

If you are a bicyclist you know how frustrating dealing with cars on the road can be. Bicycle riders can be hard for motorists to see even under the best conditions. So anything you can do to make yourself and your intended Wireless Rear Turn SignalsWireless Rear Turn Signalsmovements as visible as possible is a plus for your safety. The Wireless Rear Turn Signal not only lets others know which way you are going, but is a way cool gadget accessory for your two-wheeled ride.

Sure, you could still be using the old hand signals, but who knows how motorists are going to interpret that? They may think that you are waving to a friend, making waves in the air with your palm, or drying you nail polish. Just because the driver was able to pass a test to get a license doesn't make them the sharpest pencil in the box (the opposite also holds true though).

Wireless Rear Turn SignalsWireless Rear Turn SignalsReflectors and headlights have been around just about forever, so a simple, easy-to-use rear tail light for a bike is certainly the next logical step. This rear turn signal indicator is easy to install and fits pretty much any bike. The signal itself attaches to the back of the seat and the controls attach to the handle bars. Each direction -- left, right, and hazard -- has a separate button for you to push. Each direction also makes a different audible sound to help you know that you are signaling the correct direction without having to look down to check the control panel. 

Since the signal is wireless so you don't have to run a wire all over your bike. It works on just three AAA batteries in the pod and comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery in the remote. I would love it more if it used the kinetic energy of the wheels for power, but that is hardly a deal-breaker. All of the necessary mounting hardware is included.

With the Wireless Rear Turn Signal and its super bright LED lights you will really look like the brightest bulb in the chandelier and increase your chances of having you bike helmet just be cool gear. Happy and -- most of all -- safe cycling!

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