Make Your Dad A Binary Star This Father's Day

Whether you dad is a science nerd or a sci fi geek he will probably get a kick out of Father's Day gifts with Dad imprinted on them in binary code. They are bound to draw comments and questions from his friends -- and even a few strangers. They will also give dad a laugh as he tries to figure out what this is all about.

The binary numbering system has been around since at least 300 B.C. It languished for many centuries with no real-world applications. It wasn't until the 20th century and the invention of the computer that binary code found a forever home. This has placed binary code into the cultures of both nerds and geeks. (Wikipedia)

Binary Dad Keychain

This simple Binary Dad Keyring is crafted of pewter and stamped with DAD written in binary code. Granted, a techy nerd will tell you that ASCII should be in nine bits instead of eight, but it is the thought that counts. It comes with a translation sheet so that dad can figure out what it says for himself. Check it out at Firebox.

Binary Dad Key RingBinary Dad Key Ring

Dad in Binary Mugs

Whether dad is into coffee, cocoa, or beer, there is a mug with DAD in binary code that will suit him. There are regular ceramic mugs for the home or office, commuter mugs for the trip to the office, or a beer stein. It is up to you what you think dad will like best. The imprint is in an area so that it will work for both right-handed and left-handed dads. Go to Zazzle and order before Tuesday, June 4, to get 20% off your order. 

Dad in Binary MugDad in Binary Mug

Dad in Binary Tee

Like the other items shown here, this t-shirt has DAD in binary code printed on it. It is definitely a departure from the average Father's Day shirt. No ties here! It is available in olive or Pacific blue. With a great t-shirt dad can stay cool while being cool even when he's just chillin'. Order this item from Amazon.

Dad in Binary T-ShirtDad in Binary T-Shirt

Apron for the Binary Dad

Yeah, you guessed it. It's an apron with DAD in binary code printed on it. Since these days most dads can cook (and not just barbecuing on the patio), an apron is just the thing for that chef he dreams of being. The apron comes in a choice of white, yellow, and khaki, and is made of sturdy cotton twill. Two handy pockets are provided to hold utensils, spices, or whatever dad needs to have at hand. Take a look at the apron on Cafe Press.

Binary Dad ApronBinary Dad Apron

Binary Dad Copper Bracelet

With this bracelet the binary DAD is hand-stamped into the copper. The copper is then given an antiqued look for a touch of class. Due to the antiquing process the shade of the bracelet can differ from what it shown. Why should dad wear a bracelet? Well, for one it looks really cool -- and since the bracelet is made out of copper it can help any touches of arthritis in dad's hand, wrist, or elbow. This unique gift is available from Etsy.

Binary Dad Copper BraceletBinary Dad Copper Bracelet

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