Make Your Food Look More Impressive With Esslack


There are all kinds of ways to show off how well you are doing, financially speaking that is.  Some people buy fancy sports cars or big, lavish houses.  Some dress in the finest clothes and adorn themselves in heaps of expensive jewelry. 



Of course not all of them are actually wealthy; they just want to appear that way and doing so can get them into a lot of trouble.  If you are one of these wealth imposters and are hoping for a less costly way of impressing your friends and neighbors or even if you are actually affluent and looking for some other way to put your good fortune on display then you may want to coat your food in gold (or silver).



Looking much like a graffiti artist’s tools of the trade, Esslack by The Deli Garage, is an edible food coloring spray paint that comes in gold and silver shades.  It can transform the look of pretty much any food item you choose.  In fact, it may be handy for covering up the occasional culinary flubs too.  It likely won’t improve the taste, but I am sure the presentation will be very striking.


EDITOR'S UPDATE: This food spray seems to be no longer available. This gold food spray seems like a good alternative.  You can now get a wide assortment of edible food sprays in other colors here. 


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