Make Your Own Fun Gifts With A Bath Bomb Maker


On a cold winter day or after a particularly stressful experience at the office there is nothing quite like kicking back in a warm, relaxing bath.  Sure, a basic bath is soothing and can really take away a winter chill, but for a truly comforting experience it is imperative that you have a few bath extras.  Lighting candles or adding bubbles can set a peaceful tone, as can dropping in a fizzy and fragrant bath bomb. 



Bath bombs have become very popular in the last several years and are sold in soap and bath shops all over.  They come in all colors, sizes, shapes and scents, with something to suit everyone’s tastes.  Some even have beautiful extras, such as flower petals, embedded to add to the experience.  While bath bombs are a lot of fun, they can be rather pricey, especially if you use them often.

If you are a bit of a bath bomb junkie you may want to invest in your own Bath Bomb Maker from Japan Trend Shop instead.  This fun gadget allows you to craft your own spherical bombs in a few easy steps.  Apparently you just pour in baking soda, citric acid and essential oils ( and I assume color and any other additives you want), turn the crank to stir, pull a lever to drop the mix into the mold and press down another lever to squeeze it into the perfect shape.    

The instructions and ‘recipes’ appear to come in Japanese though, so you may have to improvise a bit.  It looks like a fun little device, nevertheless, and could help you create some great gifts too. 


Source: Japan Trend Shop

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Nov 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Bath Bomb

These bath bombs makers sound like a lot of fun. I look forward to when they become more popular and then I will get one for the Grand Kids when they are old enough.

Nov 24, 2010
by Kim Patterson

I think so too!

They sound like a lot of fun.  I would love to have one!

Dec 1, 2010
by Anonymous

I have used Bath Bombs in

I have used Bath Bombs in the past..and these are really a nice fun gift.I enjoyed playing with it.