Make Your Own MacBreakfast At Home

Now you can make those fantastic and fun breakfast sandwiches right in your own kitchen with the help of the Breakfast Sandwich Maker from Hamilton Beach. You can make the sandwich any way you want it -- with or without eggs or cheese, any meat you want, and choose your bread from English muffins to bagels to pancakes.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton BeachBreakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach

Why do you need one of these nifty gadgets? If you are one of those people (and who isn't these days?) who is watching their weight, you can control what ingredients go into your favorite breakfast sandwich. So you can use egg whites and skim milk cheese. You can have your eggs scrambled instead of fried. You can also get creative and make use of all sorts of ingredients (is anyone else craving feta, sun-dried tomatoes, and ripe olives on French bread?). 

Even though it is called a "breakfast" sandwich maker, you can branch out into lunch and dinner. The sandwiches are great for people on the go since it only takes five minutes to make a meal.

The unit has non-stick surfaces and is easy to clean. All removable pieces are even dishwasher safe.

Sources: Incredible Things, Hamilton Beach

Mar 15, 2013
by Anonymous

Must for apts & camping

Must for apts & camping alone, beach trips, cabins.
Ideal for backpack use if portable & carry fuel separate.