Make Your Own Twitter Show With UTweet

The rapidly expanding microblogging site has wormed its way into many Internet users lives.  In fact, some of us "tweeters" sometimes tweet so heavily that we even forget some of our own recent tweets!  UTweet takes your Twitter stream and makes it into a hip little "Twitter show" that you can enjoy and share with your friends.

The site has an attractive, intuitive Flash interface that simply asks you for either a Twitter username or a couple of words that you find interesting at the moment.  After a little while, the site will compile a series of tweets and video and show them to you with a catchy little jazz tune playing in the background.  I was overly happy with my video, and I think the music had a lot to do with it.

Twitter is one of these sites that the Internet is finding more and more ways to utilize and integrate with.  The level of integration between social networking sites is pretty much unlimited, and UTweet is obvious evidence of that.  Go make you own "Twitter show", and link us to it in the comments!