Make Your Own Ultimate Home Laser Show

Don’t feel like going to a techno club because it’s pouring rain outside? One inventor has a solution that can bring the hypnotizing light show to your home!


The idea of having your own laser show can seem a bit far-fetched, but just think about how cool it could be! It may sound hard to build, but an inventor named Geoff Milburn has come up with some easy instructions.

By using materials like a lab style laser, a diffraction grating, an old pair of headphones and a few electrical parts, the device can be fairly simple to put together. All you need to do is to be able to wire a few things here and there and also do a bit of soldering. But before you start, you should make sure to read up on laser safety.

The end result of the project is truly spectacular. Watching a light show based off the music you play can be extremely entertaining. Plus you can save some money every once in a while by having a dance party at your house and not at a club.

To see more images and find out how Geoff put this device together, you can visit this website.