Make Your Very Own Swiss Army Keys

It’s no secret; keys can feel uncomfortable in your pocket. The jangling noise they make while you wander around can be annoying and every now and then, your thigh could turn into a stabbing victim. To prevent your body from turning into a pincushion, one inventor has come up with an interesting invention based off the Swiss Army knife.

Source: Instructables

An inventor at Instructables has come up with an idea to modify your keys to fit into a leatherman. Along with creating a more comfortable feeling while in your pocket, the modification can hold up to six keys!

For the experiment, the individual used a Leatherman Micra, copies of keys, a drill and a basic cutting tool like a Dremel. By disassembling the multi-tool and cutting the keys to match pieces, the Swiss Army Keys invention was born.

Key chains are meant to keep your different keys together, but some people don’t like carrying them around or attaching them to the belt loops on their pants. With this creation, it makes carrying around your set of keys easier and it also looks cool.

Find out more about the Swiss Army Keys here.

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Jul 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Consider this though

The huge Ford ignition switch recall involving the fires on Aerostar's that was cause by faulty ignition switches wasn't faulty switches after all. The failures occured after years of use.

The more they dug into it, the discovery was made that the ignition switches that failed and caused fires had a high percentage of owners who had a whole bunch of keys (lots of weight) on the ring.

Some car manufacturers now recommend the igintion key is the only key on the ring when you operate your automobile, so although this gadget might make sense for most keys, I doubt adding all that weight to your ignition switch is a good idea and it might not be covered under your car warranty.