Make Your Very Own Tupperware iPod Boombox

Summer gatherings require music. Sure conversations between your friends and family may be floating around, but for some reason, people just need music to set the “mood”. But not everyone has a reliable music source they can take outside.

Source: Instructables

Instead of buying a speaker system for your iPod or even a portable stereo, one Instructables user has created an alternative solution. The Tupperware iPod Boombox may look like a simple creation, but it’s not style and flashy designs that matter. It’s the music that’s important.

By using items from a dollar store and cheap speakers, anyone can make a simple and unique portable stereo system. The inventor made various holes in the Tupperware for structure and access and used styrofoam to hold the speakers and iPod in place.

To see more pictures and the step-by-step instructions, take a glance over at the Instructables website.