Making Touch Screens Out Of Thin Air With Light Touch

Happy Couple with Digtal Touch ScreenHappy Couple with Digtal Touch Screen

Have you ever wanted to have a touch screen somewhere that there was not one. Maybe that wall in your bedroom really needs to let you control your sound system. Or maybe you want to be able to type on your table while you eat dinner. Installing a touch screen in those some places can be less than convenient for the average person, or business. Sure, you could just go without a touch screen, like people have been doing for centuries. It is not legitimately a need. But what if you really want one?

Well you could try Light Touch. For those of you who have never heard of it before Light Touch describe their product in the following terms, "Light Touch™ has a Windows CE operating system and runs Adobe Flash Lite, making it a versatile platform, ideal for realising new uses. Built in Wireless Networking capability connects applications directly to the Internet, immediately opening up rich functionality such as social networking, multimedia sharing and electronic point of sale." The system comes with some apps to help it get up and running as fast as possible, but you may want to inquire more about their functionality before investing in the hardware.

For the time being the information about the price is not being made available on the site. If you wish to know more about the costs you are going to have to contact the company directly.

Image Source: Light Touch