Mamaroo Offers Parents An Extra Set Of Soothing Hands

Sometimes when you have a small baby you wish that you had a spare set of hands, and not just any set of hands, hands that could rock, bounce and soothe your baby the way you do.  Regular bouncy seats can be handy if you just need to put your baby down somewhere safe for a moment or two, but they do not offer much stimulation.  There is now a bouncy seat on the market that offers several comforting motions, varying speeds, soothing sounds and a playful focal point.

The Mamaroo Bouncer looks a bit like a baby space pod, but packs a lot of reassurance for baby and parent into a relatively small space.  There are five fun and calming motions including Tree Swing, Car Ride and Kangaroo.  The seat also allows parents to select from five different speed settings, letting you choose the one that your baby responds best to and what best suits the situation.  For sound the device offers another five choices, all of which are nature sounds.  Parents can even hook up their mp3 player to the Mamaroo for more sound variety.
The seat comes in four different colors and has a detachable plush ball mobile.  All of the options are controlled at the front of the unit and are displayed on an LCD screen. (See Mamaroo)