Man Makes Paris In 15 Years Using Junk








There isn't much too say about this next green innovator, Designer Gerard Brion, except that he is passionate about his artwork. He is very passionate. In fact, with regular household items, some glue and paint Gerard Brion has spent 15 years of his life creating a detailed replica of Paris.

That's right, designer Gerard Brion, now 29, has spent 15 years of his life making a miniature version of Paris by recycling discarded items such as: baby food jars, cardboard boxes, soup cans, old cinder blocks and other household items.

This miniature Paris is a model of the Paris-Center and covers 200 square meters from La Defense area to Le Louvre Museum and past the Eiffel Tower, according to The Little-Paris website.

Landmarks in this tiny Paris, 130 times smaller than the real Paris, include the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and more. The tiny streets are jam-packed with tiny cars, the city streets lights up at night, and the Louvre has artwork inside. Can you imagine dedicating 15 years of your life on something so intricate like this?

Gerard's replica of Paris is located in his garden in Vaissac in the South of France. It has become a tourist attraction and may be growing and moving out of his garden in the future. For more information on Gerard Brion or is his recycled art visit The Little-Paris. There you will have the opportunity to view more picture and news of his Paris replica. You can even find out how to book a tour.

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