Man + Animal = "Manimals" = Eerie Portraits

1967 - Year of the Sheep1967 - Year of the Sheep

Artist Daniel Lee draws on the Chinese Zodiac to manipulate these images through the computer. His series, titled "Manimals", exhibits portraits showing the animal signs of these people. The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog and boar.

1966 - Year of the Horse1966 - Year of the Horse

The animal for a specific person can be determined by the year a person was born. Each animal has different personalities and characteristics. It's believed that a person can portray characteristics similiar to the animal year in which the person was born.

1965 - Year of the Snake1965 - Year of the Snake

Daniel Lee finds people that were born in each year of the 12 signs. He then takes a portrait of them and scans it onto his computer. From there he alters their human features by adding animal characteristics. He uses Photoshop to do all of this. He gives a little insight of this process on his website : "I have to change the eyeball from a human eyeball to an animal eyeball; I have to remove the eyebrows to make the nose broader."

1964 - Year of the Dragon1964 - Year of the Dragon

This series is currently located in the National Museum of Art in Taiwan.

1960 - Year of the Rat1960 - Year of the Rat

1949 - Year of the Ox1949 - Year of the Ox

1962 - Year of the Tiger1962 - Year of the Tiger

1975 - Year of the Rabbit1975 - Year of the Rabbit

1944 - Year of the Monkey1944 - Year of the Monkey

1957 - Year of the Cock1957 - Year of the Cock

1946 - Year of the Dog1946 - Year of the Dog

1959 - Year of the Boar1959 - Year of the Boar

My Chinese Zodiac animal is the horse. Some of those characteristics are: quick-witted, intelligent, talkative and perceptive. It also says that I can be rude, fickle, gullible and stubborn. Yeah, that sounds about right.

What about you? Does your Chinese Zodiac animal represent the personality that you have?




May 20, 2008
by Anonymous


Heck... These look like photographs of some people I know... ;)

Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous


I don't really see the animal part... Just really ugly people

Sep 22, 2008
by Anonymous


dear danielle,

i admire your work. i found all the portraits makes you look deeper into the see both man and animal inside...i too was born on the year of the artist as well. i hope you can turn my portrait into a manimal also. More power to your art! and God Bless!

-marienel gonzales