Mannequin Madness: Niche Business Concept That’s Madness Or Magic?

In another fine example that there's a niche for every business, is a company that rents mannequins. The business, based in San Francisco understands that it can be complete madness trying to find a mannequin head, limb, or torso for a short-term event which can often result in unfortunate mannequin purchase and dismemberment. Instead of resigning mannequins and their owners from this grave fate, Mannequin Madness does the dirty work instead!

Mannequin Madness' job is to source out the most modern and classic mannequin forms available and rent them out as whole people, or as individual body parts. It's a simple business concept really, but they have managed to capture a niche by helping retailers and businesses find one major source for all of their mannequin needs, and giving them the option to rent rather than buy.

In addition to saving mannequins from dismemberment, it also saves them from being sent to the mannequin graveyard; otherwise known as the landfill by collecting them from businesses that no longer require them and recycling them as complete mannequins or their individual body parts.

Now that you've heard about this one, what's your niche business idea?

Via: Entrepreneur