Manpacks: Men’s Underwear Subscriptions Alleviates The Embarrassment Of Holey Socks!

I recently wrote about another subscription service that helps shopophobic men maintain their personal hygiene without ever having to leave home to purchase their products. Now there's another business that helps these gentlemen with the essentials.


We all know someone who lets their socks get holey, and often it's due to lack of motivation to go out and buy more, so the same grungy old items end up in the laundry week after week. Unfortunately it would seem as though these issues also extend to underwear, since Manpacks includes them as part of their undergarment kits.

Men can choose from a variety of subscription options, the largest package providing them a complete set of new socks, underwear, and undershirts every three months when it's time to do a little bit of housekeeping.

As part of their marketing concept, Manpacks ensures men that the undergarments will be girlfriend approved! Umm..but what about the wives? Or is it that once a man gets hitched the holey sock becomes his spouse's problem and Manpacks is only for the single guy?

Via: Springwise