Man's New Best Friend: The Remote Golf Caddy

Golf and summer were meant for each other. They’re a perfect match, just like peanut butter and jelly and even pale skin and spray-on tanning products. More individuals are enjoying golf as people of all ages are becoming more interested. The sport is relaxing, competitive and fun. With the help from one specific company, a routine 18 holes is about to become even more fascinating.

Created by a private company based in Melbourne, Australia, the Shadow Caddy is about to become the new best friend of golfer’s everywhere. Carrying around your golf clubs can be a hassle, especially if you’re playing 18 holes on a large golf course. Even though it is interesting that the Shadow Caddy can carry your golf clubs for you, but that’s not its main feature.

The Shadow Caddy has become the first remote golf caddy that isn’t steered through a remote control. Instead, a golfer can now simply clip a transmitter on their belt that signals the device to follow them around on a golf course. The remote caddy has two modes: “follow me” and “park”. During “follow me”, the Shadow Caddy will follow an individual wherever it goes. When in “park” mode, the remote caddy will position itself in a stable position, letting you hit a powerful drive or graceful putt in peace.

Another interesting aspect of the Shadow Caddy is its ability to not collide into objects and read landscapes. By using anti-collision detectors, the remote caddy can recognize objects around it, therefore preventing it from bumping into anything. If it does end up hitting an object, the caddy will stop instantaneously. The device is also capable of reading landscapes so it doesn’t follow you down or up intense slopes (bunkers etc.).

Even though the Shadow Caddy is extremely marketable, the item is only available at golf courses and cannot be bought for personal use. But the invention is truly an example of how technology is changing sports and the world in general. Instead of handling the clubs themselves or hiring a dear friend to do the hard work, people now have the option of using a remote golf caddy. That option in itself can turn a tiring day at the golf course into a relaxing experience that’s unforgettable.

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