Mansions Of Madness Board Game Lures In Intrepid Investigators

From designer Corey Konieczka comes Mansions of Madness, a 5-player game of horror, combat and good old fashioned fun.

Konieczka has created a number of popular games based around Battlestar Galactica and Runewars and according to reviews delivers again with his Mansions of Madness horror boardgame. The game is based of off the horror fiction written by H.P. Lovecraft and is designed in such a way that players get a different story each and every time they embark on an "investigation" to discover just what is happening in anold mansion near Arkham.

Depending on the way the cards fall, players will encounter different monsters and challenges as they progress in their attempts to both defeat the bad guys and solve the mystery. Speaking of bad guys, it's important to note that one out of the 5 players gets to be the bad guy or "dungeon master" and has the job of making the game more difficult for all of the other players. Masters get to buy special skills and throw things in the path of investigators that come their way, as well as forcing them to do multi-turn puzzle challenges.

Combat in the game is handled through cards and from what we've read there are a great many cards in the game divided into multiple decks. Some minor gripes about the game include the fact that it can take some time for combat to be completed while searching for the right card combination, but making more decks may or may not be the answer to that.


There is some math involved in the game - rolling "skill checks" against statistics using 10 sided dice and things of that nature - but it is far more streamlined that other games of its type.

Mansions of madness comes with a large number of detailed figurines and a large playing board and the entire box is quite substantial, owing to the massive amount of stuff you get when you go to play the game. Be sure to set aside several hours - the game will not be something you can knock off in the length of a typical TV show.

Interesting in going mad? You can buy Mansions of Madness at Amazon.

Source: Fantasty Flight Games 

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Jul 18, 2011
by geremy

It sounds challenging enough

It sounds challenging enough and since I liked a lot BSGO I am convinced that I will like Mansion of Madness as well. This kind of games are topping the industry at this point, it's easy to understand why.