Man-Up To Infant Care With A Man Pram

Born to be wild! This baby buggy by the Czech auto maker Škoda did a survey of 1,000 men in the UK and discovered that a whopping 75% of them would be more inclined to share in the baby duties if the gear to do so was manlier. So Škoda applied their car-making technology to the idea and came up with the vSR Mega Man-Pram. Now men can go for a testosterone-filled walk with baby without feeling like some odd Mr. Mom clone.

 vSR Mega Man-PramvSR Mega Man-Pram

This souped-up stroller possesses a hydraulic suspension, 20 inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tires, wing mirrors, anti-stress push bar grips, and sports-style upholstery. There are even high beam headlights for those evening outings. It even comes with adjustable lumbar support. It is an engineering marvel the likes of which we have never seen before.

 vSR Mega Man-PramvSR Mega Man-Pram

The car company created the baby buggy to celebrate their new third-generation Octavia model car, their fastest car ever. While the buggy may be just a promotional item, it could be an invention whose time has come.

 vSR Mega Man-PramvSR Mega Man-Pram

Okay, it's a little over the top, but a streamlined version without brake lights, oversized brake calipers, and with a little lower profile (two meters tall is a bit much!). The idea overall may be one whose time has come. It may be just the thing to get men to take on a bit more of the child care duties if they just seemed manlier. There could be a serious niche in the marketplace for the vSR Mega Man-Pram!

"Get your motor running! Head out on the highway!"

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