Map of Humanity










Just something to think about. Interesting, provocative, somewhat questionable, but mostly...true.

 I just find the effort and conception that went into this piece pretty remarkable.  Measuring 24x36 in., the map--designed by Rex Nibris and Nil creator James Turner--sort of puts things into perspective in an intriguing and off-beat way.  Call it innovative art or innovative thought, but any way you put it, The Map of Humanity will at least make you think for a minute.

 Interested in owning?  The Map of Humanity is available for US$29.95 — you can buy it here.


Seth Plattner
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Sep 28, 2007
by grahamms

um ok

Hey Seth,

Map of Humanity: creative art? yes, but is it an invention? I do not see any value in including the text from LG publishing. I am curious as to why you posted it.

Sep 30, 2007
by Seth Plattner

Hi Grahamms,  Thanks for

Hi Grahamms,

 Thanks for you comment.  I found this image online and thought it was something provocative and interesting, also something I hadn't seen before.  After doing some research I realized it was something that one could actually buy and I simply wanted to give due credit if our site visitors might be interested.  But I appreciate your interest in the site and willingness to ask questions that make sure we are keeping true to our nature.