MAPTOR: Map Meets Pico Projector

Hate asking for directions and folding/unfolding those gigantic road maps? Who doesn't. It's not too difficult to imagine using the MAPTOR projector map in a variety of situations--whether you're a pirate showing his crew the quickest way toward the bounty, or a stereotypical guy too proud to ask for directions. A tiny pico projector mapping device would be a great addition to any glove compartment or pocket. 


About the size of a tiny flashlight, the MAPTOR can be worn on a lanyard around your neck. Whenever you need the helping hand of a map, simply flick it on and project your map onto whatever handy surface is available. The device even includes GPS, which provides the invaluable You-Are-Here-style red dot on the map so you can see exactly where you are without searching for street signs and spending ten minutes studying the map. Using the easy, push-button interface, one can easily enlarge or shrink the overall map size as well as zoom in and out as needed. Maps can be downloaded wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

Unfortunately, the MAPTOR projector map is just a concept, designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park. Seeing as how it is a concept with instant utility and marketability, though, perhaps we'll see it sometime down the line. 

To see a slideshow that doesn't say a whole lot about the technology, but sure gives you an idea of each and every surface that MAPTOR will work on, view the clip below.

Via: Yanko Design