Shake These Salt and Pepper Maracas!

Yes, I just wrote about salt and pepper grinders, and I promise to get off the subject, but I just had to share these Fukasawa-designed Salt and Pepper Maracas with you, just for quick look at a beautiful design, but impractical concept. What can you do with these?

My suggestion: leave them on the table, face up. Otherwise, you'll have traces of the black and white all over the place. Alternatively, you could leave them empty. Or fill them with beans and use them as maracas. Ah, now that's an idea!

I won't be too harsh on these designer salt and pepper shakers; the Pepper Maraca might be functional. Imagine the effort it would take, though, to shake one slim salt stream at a time on a whole plate of food! No wonder London' Design Museum Shop wrote in its description that the Salt and Pepper Maracas set "allows for impressions of Bez from The Happy Mondays in the privacy of your own home." (Mark Berry, aka "Bez," is the drummer of the rock band The Happy Mondays.)

I do admit, the Salt and Pepper Maracas are stunning, classy, even elegant. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Plus Minus Zero, these five-plus inch shakers sell for about $60 at London's Design Museum Shop.


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All About Taste

via Design Milk and London's Design Museum Shop.

Mar 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Great design

Great design and probably very fun to use.

John Frangella
Manager - Invention Process Development Division
Proto3000 Inc. ( Prototyping Solutions )