Marijuana Farmer's Market Becomes An Actual Thing In 2014

With the nation's ever-evolving marijuana laws, pot businesses are becoming increasingly popular and legal dispensaries are finding their own niches in the industry. The latest trend follows a formula that is tried, tested, and true. It continues to grow in popularity as consumers switch their focus to shopping local.

On July 4th, 2014, the world's first marijuana farmer's market will open, celebrating a different type of "Independence Day". It is being held in Los Angeles by Boyle Heights' West Coast Collective. It will follow a traditional farmer's market format, except instead of picking up cucumbers, rice, and pot-free pies direct from the growers and vendors, this market is all about the Mary-Jane. The market will be open until July 6th for its inaugural weekend, and will have more than 50 vendors in attendance. 

Traditional Farmer's MarketTraditional Farmer's Market

This unique event, which is being dubbed the California Heritage Market will only be open to those that have a valid ID for medical marijuana issued by California. Once it has been confirmed that the doctor listed on the ID is in fact practicing, shoppers will be allowed to enter and browse the vendor booths, chat about growing practices, and with a little luck perhaps even same baked goods (but I may be making that part up).

West Coast Collective MarijuanaWest Coast Collective Marijuana

As with traditional farmer's markets, prices at the marijuana market will be much lower than those at regular dispensaries. If this first weekend is successful, it might just become a weekly event.

Stay tuned as other marijuana businesses are profiled - including a vending machine! 

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Via: Los Angeles Magazine

(Farmer's market image via: Flickr Creative Commons)