Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure Pokes Fun At Facebook Founder

Put away those Facebucks, you dumb fu... er, social media nerds, because this disturbingly lifelike Mark Zuckerberg action figure will cost you $69.90 in real money – plus shipping, of course.

Thank the talented designers at M.I.C. Gadget for the so-called “Poking Inventor” action figure that captures Facebook founder and social media guru Mark Zuckerburg in astonishing detail.

From his trademark brown hoodie, worn blue jeans and Adidas sandals to those blazing blue eyes, freckled cheeks and unkempt dirty-blond curls, M.I.C. (which stands for “Made In China”) Gadget has perfected the mini-Mark to the point where admirers want to Like him, Poke him, and Friend him.

This latest figurine follows on the formed plastic footsteps of the Steve Jobs action figure, now re-named and re-branded as The Phenomenal Pineapple CEO Action Figure (Ninja Edition).

As one might expect, Apple's legal beagles laid into M.I.C. Gadget with some scary sounding lawyer-ese, which explains why the cheeky company is treading lightly this time around: they can call it The Poking Inventor; but you and I (and MZ himself, no doubt) know what it really is and who it represents.

The 7” (17.5cm) tall figurine stands on a white plastic platform that sports a blue Facebook icon – just in case you have ANY doubts who The Poking Inventor really is. The figurine also comes with a pair of 2x5cm (about 1x2”) acrylic signboards that display Like and Poke with the accompanying icons; these fit neatly into the figurine's right hand. You also get 3 speech bubble cards, a transparent mounting arm and a tiny bag of blue-tack. The Mark Zuckerberg action figure speaks your language – any language!

M.I.C. Gadget is offering The Poking Inventor action figure at their website for $69.90 plus shipping charges at press time. Potential purchasers should be aware that supplies are limited, sales are restricted to one per customer, and delivery can take 3 to 4 weeks.

M.I.C. also offers an optional accessories kit for just $2.99 that includes a black fine-point marker, a cleaning brush, and 10 extra speech bubble cards. (images via M.I.C. Gadget, MZ photo via Neptune Of Course)