Market Yourself this Valentine's Day - Love Letters

Too lazy to write your own love letter to your significant other this Valentine's Day?

Well, never fear, will do it for you!

The Valentine's Love Letter Generator will create a funny and unique Valentine's love letter based upon your input which you can then send to someone.

According to the website, you can use this letter generator 2 different ways.

a) You can either put your valentine's name at the top and your name at the bottom. Then make your selections and press the "Render" button as normal.

b) OR if you are the kind of dreamy person who loves to watch Titanic just so you can pretend in your mind you are Kate Winslet, then you can put your own name at the top, and put a celebs name, the person you fancy at work, etc. at the bottom, and generate a love letter for fun. And if you really want to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside for 20 seconds, you can even send the love letter to your own email address. Below, is an excerpt from a love letter for my fiance, Brant, from the love letter generator:

"Anyway darling, I must depart now. I really can't wait to see you again, especially if you are gonna be wearing sexy Leopard Skin underwear for me! Go on, surprise me! I've often wondered what you would look like wearing those, and many a nights have gone by where I would sit and fantasize about you wearing Leopard Skin underwear and I would have no need to watch music videos any more.

I wish you the happiest Valentines Day ever, from the deepest depths of my soul which cries tears of blood for your gentle touch, my love. Help me vanquish this burning thirst!

Give it a try and send your loved one a love letter this year! Have fun!

What do you think of this love letter tool?


Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger