Marketing Goes Green! Natural, Unique & Sustainable Advertising By Curb

Effective marketing strategies can make a great contribution to the success of a business. While many marketing agencies are turning to blogging and online marketing to advertise their clients' services; Curb is going green in their marketing strategies by using eco-friendly, sustainable marketing methods that rely upon nature.

Curb uses a variety of green marketing strategies that rely upon things already found in nature to form its advertisements. Many of Curb's major clients, like industry leaders Nike, Zaava, Puma and Budweiser have embraced an eco-friendly marketing method called clean advertising. Clean advertising relies on the dirty surfaces of streets to convey the green marketing messages cleaned into them. Curb uses water collected in rain barrels to clean their advertisements into the streets with the help of laser formed stencils, which causes no negative impact against environmental sustainability. Depending upon just how dirty the unclean areas of street happen to be, clean advertising can last up to 8 weeks; environmental factors withstanding.

Other green marketing methods used by Curb to form their advertisements are logrow, where ads are cut into 1 to 30 meter turf fields; sand brand, which relies upon marketing sculptures made of sand and water; solar art, which uses the sun to brand images into wooden surfaces; H2 Show, which uses waterfalls to display brand logos and images; and the newest natural marketing method embraced by the innovative marketing company, snow branding, which quite simply stamps ads into snowy surfaces.

It comes as no surprise that green marketing is being embraced so whole heartedly by big brand names around the world, with society constantly looking for eco-friendly, sustainable methods of doing everything (for a good reason!). Curb's brand of green marketing has proven that it's not only effective, but also eye-catching.

While Curb may not be alone in the world of eco-friendly marketing agencies, it does seem to be a trendsetter with its innovative uses of nature.