Marketing Secrets You May Not Know About Twitter

These days, it is important to market your web presence on Google, Twitter and Facebook.  These are three of the most popular and widely used platforms that people use to market their business online.   Twitter is located at  You simply navigate to this site and sign up for a completely free account.   It is important to consider the name that you sign up with – be sure that it is closely related to your business or your domain name for recognition’s sake.  Twitter has a specific advantage over other advertising platforms that many people do not commonly know about.

A marketing budget is an important part of any campaign. With sites like Facebook, you are going to pay a specific amount each month for your targeted campaign. To place an ad on Facebook costs money – Facebook uses a platform similar to Google’s pay per click campaigns. You need to write a short ad – two quick lines, you can add a picture and then you send your traffic to a landing page. You bid on keywords on your campaign too, which can become quite expensive if there is a lot of people bidding on the same words (competition).


What about Twitter? The advantage that Twitter has over Facebook is a little known “etiquette” amongst its users. With your Twitter account, you will start by reading what people are tweeting about and searching for people who are in your niche or related to your niche. You can click on their user name and then click “follow” to follow these people. When a person posts a short message on twitter (a “Tweet” ) (each “tweet” has a 140 character limit), anyone who reads that message and is interested in it may click on any link you tweet or they may decide to follow you. You can do the same with tweets that interest you. The secret is that a large percentage of people that you follow will follow you back out of courtesy.

When you start to build your following (people who are following you on Twitter), many other people will start to take notice of you and will put more credence into your tweets. You may even end up building a much larger following than you had initially expected. As you start following more people, you will find that your following starts to slowly increase. Each tweet that you make will show up in the feed of the people who are following you. This will be seen by people who follow those following you…. and so it begins.

You have to be extremely careful about the amount of people that you try to follow. The process does take time; don’t try to do it all in one single day. If you follow too many people too quickly, you will be labelled as a spammer, which is exactly what you do not want to achieve. Try to deliver messages that provide value or offer tips or advice and not just messages that contain a sales pitch. You can throw in a light sales pitch about once every three tweets, unless you are tweeting several times daily.

The best part about Twitter is that it costs you nothing. The value of your following is completely priceless, but you do not have to pay a cent to achieve this. Your following is built entirely with your own effort and sweat equity. There is no way to create that following without putting in the hard work. People think that they can purchase twitter accounts with large followings, and while that may work for a short time, people are likely to stop following you if you turn out to be a person who does not provide value in your messages.

If you have a limited marketing budget, make the best use of the free resources (including Twitter) that can help to build your business. Formulate a plan and think of the various messages that you wish to deliver. Then and only then will you be able to see some results and start to build your credibility amongst those who are following you.

People tend to underestimate Twitter, because they believe that it is not an important tool. There are so many ways that you can use this tool to build a following of people who are interested in your niche. Simple research on a site like Twellow can help you to build followers quickly and easily. This site allows you to research followers who have listed themselves in various categories, making your search for targeted follows a lot easier. You can simply find Twitter accounts with similar interests to yours and then follow them, then they will follow you back.

One of the main things about Twitter is that you should use it continually. Start off slowly with one tweet a day, then work up to several tweets per day. Once you start tweeting on a regular basis, you will find that your following starts to increase, especially if you have something interesting to say.

Source: JeffBullas