Mark's Work Warehouse Vending Machines Dispense Needed Clothing In Niche Locations

Vending machines that dispense clothing, aren't a new concept, although there are relatively few of them in North America. Mark's Work Warehouse, a Canadian clothing store is taking this idea to an all new level, placing test machines in niche locations to give people the convenience of what they need, where they need it!

Mark's Work Warehouse VendingMark's Work Warehouse Vending

The Mark's Work Warehouse vending machines have been placed in strategic locations in Toronto, Canada. What's unique about these, that makes this a whole new business concept based on other approaches to unique convenience vending around the world, is the way they vary their product by location. Mark's Work Warehouse currently has two machines: one in a busy Toronto transit hub, Union Station; and the other in one of the city's busiest hospitals. In the former, the machines feature items that commuters might realize they need while heading into the city for work like umbrellas, hats and gloves to battle unexpected changes in weather. The hospital dispenses Mark's Work Warehouse's line of scrubs and other hospital garb.

If this is a concept that seems to take off, Mark's Work Warehouse hopes to have 100 of these machines throughout Canada, all with specific product that fits the niche location where any machine is placed.

Via: Toronto Star

Oct 31, 2011
by Anonymous

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