Marriage-Hunting Apartments Feature A Stripper Pole In The Living Room

Japanese women looking to impress potential husbands should bring them home... but not to just any home. Each “konkatsu” apartment features a stripper pole and a bathtub right in the living room.

“Konkatsu” (“marriage hunting” in Japanese) is serious business these days as Japan attempts to deal with continued economic uncertainty and a steadily falling birthrate. The former makes single young adults less eager to hook up in holy matrimony while the latter, well, is the net result.

Even if a first meeting shows promise, sooner or later it's time to “come up for coffee”... typically served in a cramped, near-windowless cubicle that serves as the typical urban living space. Talk about a turn off! Imagine opening the door to a bright, well-lit living space devoted to most folks' favorite things: food, bathing and sex.

Imagination becomes reality if you live in a konkatsu apartment designed by property renovation company Homes. Not only do these apartments feature impressively equipped kitchens, they also sport stripper poles and open bathtubs in their living rooms.

According to project leader Rintaro Kikuchi (as told to The Wall Street Journal), “You can't ignore sex and make a house.” Make note of that if you're renting one of Homes' konkatsu apartments, as your date is sure to question the décor.

Kikuchi believes good health and happiness begin at home so he, along with Olivia, a “total adviser of sexuality” and local celebrity who goes by one name, designed these one-bedroom konkatsu apartments to kick residents' lives into high gear. “You sleep better, you wake up feeling refreshed, and you become more active,” explains Kikuchi. “You smile more, and your skin looks better, and you are making lots of pheromones.” And presumably, making lots of babies as well. (via Tokyoite)