Marsh Mellow Festival Boutique: Novelty Festival Gear Will Have Other Burning Man Attendees Drooling

With the days of summer drawing to an unofficial close, there are summer music festivals taking Marsh Mellow Festival BoutiqueMarsh Mellow Festival Boutiqueplace around the world to wish it adieu. Finding all of the things you need to survive roughing it in the sub-standard living conditions can be a challenge, but not with one UK business making everything easily accessible.

Marsh Mellow Festival Boutique compiles all of the coolest things you'll need to get through a music festival and also carries pieces that will be conversation starters to help you break the ice with other festival goers. They've got all the typical stuff, like tents, sleeping bags, headlamps, and hats; but they also carry functional and fun novelty items like a portable kitchen sink, accessory pouches that attach to your wellies and inflatable lounge chairs.

Music Festival AccessoriesMusic Festival Accessories

Their product line is not necessarily anything unusual, but they've captured their niche by compiling all of the best products that appeal just to festival attendees rather than forcing them to rifle through camping products and other outdoor gear that just won't look as cool. Success? I think so, although this is almost certainly a business that makes its profits during the summer festival season entirely.