The Robin Collective: Normal Name, Freaky-Deaky Mad Scientists Developing Unusual Edibles

All you have to do is look at Instagram to recognize that everyone's a foodie these days, and that Marshmallow Apothecary:Marshmallow Apothecary:makes it harder for industry professionals to impress the general public with unique creations. But that doesn't mean they won't try, and sometimes their creations are intriguing and even frightening.

The Robin Collective is a UK-based business that specializes in putting on events that involve showcasing "experimental food" (the other element of their business pertains to "curious events"). They've developed a number of edible items that you just don't see everyday, including the Bizarregarita, The Medicinal Marshmallow, Historical Bitters, Edible Terrariums, and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

If these experimental food names tell you anything, it should be that the business with the seemingly normal name is anything but normal. These mad scientists ensure that every bite you take of one of their out of this world creations pushes your boundaries. 

Liquid Nitrogen Ice CreamLiquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

I won't leave you in suspense any longer; I know your imagination is running rampant trying to determine what's in their signature eats. The Bizzarregarita is a delicious beverage designed to offer a scientific experience, and drinkers get to mix the items themselves. Another beverage from their line is the Historical Bitters, which is meant to taste exactly like the infamous liquor that could otherwise only be consumed with time travel. These beverage options are relatively "normal" compared to some of the Robin Collective's other offerings.


Edible Terrariums look lke nature in a bowl, complete with insects and all. Fortunately, if you're not actually into eating dirt, you'll be happy to discover it's just melted chocolate, topped with coconut grass. But it looks accurate enough to mess with you psychologically. Continuing with their line of sweets, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is exactly what you'd think; and while incredibly cool, it is the Medical Marshmallows that are the most intriguing.

Medicinal MarshmallowsMedicinal Marshmallows

On a couple of occasions, the company has setup the world's first Marshmallow Apothecary, where people can wander in and find fluffy goodness designed to cure whatever ails them. Varieties of marshmallows have included "The Pick Me Up", "The Immune Booster", "The Broken Heart Mender", "The Hangover Remedy", and "The Vice". I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the flavors or anything but normal - since you know, normal would be marshmallow flavored marshmallows. The Broken Heart Mender, for example, tastes like red wine and cracked black pepper, while The Hangover Cure tastes like fried chicken, and The Vice caters to coffee and tobacco addicts. 

The Robin Collective is unique - often we see strange business concepts that just have one creative idea to run with - but these guys just keep the hits coming!