Marshmallows and Chocolate: Great Idea?

Thank goodness for the things in life that make at least some of us go ’Yipee!’ For true indulgence, which we all deserve once in a while, consider Patent#US 6800312, a technological food wonder known as the Marshmallow System, which facilitates the making and enjoyment of marshmallows and chocolate in combination. The invention is comprised of a marshmallow with an “axial open-ended bore,” within which the chocolate is hiding and waiting to burst forth. When exposed to the heat for toasting the marshmallow, the chocolate portion melts along with it. The bore includes an open end that tends to close in order to retain the melted chocolate and prevent spillage and other messes.


This invention relates to the common camping activity that involves preparing s’mores, which are snacks consisting of a marshmallow and chocolate in between two graham crackers. The toasted marshmallow causes the chocolate to melt, making a tasty, gooey snack. However, the chocolate, when melted, has a tendency to spread beyond the cracker and drip, thus making a mess. Thus, the need for the Marshmallow System.

There’s only one teeney weeney little situation that isn’t quite clear. What happens to the stick? is that edible too? No one seems to know or at least isn’t telling.

Campfires and marshmallows and chocolate have inspired many an inventor. Read: “Marshmallow Roller Toaster: One Delicious Thrill a Minute!” and take a look at “Marshmallow Chef Sticks."

As far as the Marshmallow System is concerned, why not? You only live once so it might as well be in the company of marshmallows and chocolate.

Via Free Patents

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