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Marvel Superheroes Light & Smash Your Home With 3D Deco Lights!

The Incredible Hulk might be the Marvel hero best known for smashing stuff, but his Avenger buddies are always on hand to tastefully leave their mark on your walls too…

3D Light FX had a really cool idea when the team partnered with Marvel for this series of 3D Deco Lights featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and of course, Hulk himself. Each piece of wall art is pretty sizable, has a colorful amount of classic comic book detail, and serves as a fancy nightlight because crime never sleeps.

All of these pieces were made to shine their LEDs in a way that complements each character, such as the white sections of Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s eye ports and the destructive half of Thor’s hammer. What really sells me on each piece of wall art is that they all come with a specially designed “3D Crack Sticker” that shows you exactly where to install the light for the greatest visual effect. Since they’re powered by LED’s, you won’t have to replace any bulbs, and the damaging illusion is preserved with battery power, because it sure would be a letdown to see a cable dangling from Spider-Man’s wrist…

My favorites are clearly Hulk’s fist and Captain America’s shield, but I can’t help but smile at the mental image of Rhino or Crimson Dynamo bashing Spider-Man’s or Iron Man’s noggin through my wall. They’re a cool bunch of illuminated artworks for Marvel fans of all ages, and note that the series is available on Amazon. But seriously, 3D Light FX- No Venom? Get back in the workshop and get me some light-up symbiote art!

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Arnold Carreiro
Hot Toys and Games