Masculine Valentine’s Day Gifts: Unique Scented Candles For Your Macho Dude

During Valentine's Days past, candles may have been a gift given from man to woman since scents available tend to cater towards the fairer sex. This year, get your man a masculine candle of his very own as his Valentine's Day gift and give into the stereotype by shopping at the Manly Man Candle Company.

Candles and Valentine's Day just seem to go together, but in the past, your manly man might not have appreciated the typical candle scents of lavender or vanilla. Fret no more, find unique candle scents fit for the toughest, burliest, manliest male without attacking his masculinity at the Manly Man Candle Company.

The Manly Man Candle Company refers to its unique candles as (surprise, surprise) "mandles". Prices for their masculine scents range from $5 to $10 USD depending upon the size selected. Their regular line of manly gifts include Home Brew (of course), Leather, Sports Injury, Yardwork (not for those with seasonal allergies), and a manly vanilla scent, Manilla, which is said to be reminiscent of home-baked cookies. The Manly Man Candle Company also has a holiday line of candles, which only includes one variety which does not follow a Valentine's Day theme. The holiday candle scent is Frozen Mountain Air, which is said to smell like the top of a ski hill when it is really, REALLY cold.

The Manly Man Candle Company not only offers unique, masculine scented candles; it also has a fun website. The commentary of their manly candle scents is witty, and their About Us page humorously states, quite simply "The manliest candles ever manufactured, man...That is the story of Manly Man Candle Company. It is AWESOME."

Now if you're struggling over what to get your macho man for Valentine's Day use this unique idea and buy your man a candle from the Manly Man Candle Company. Their business concept may be formed from stereotypes, but that doesn't make it any less innovative.