Mashable Introduces First-Time Social Media Day

Mashable doesn't indicate why they chose June 30th as the first-time Social Media Day, but heck, they are the number one Social Media blog in the world - so I guess they have the right. It will probably take another decade before the US Congress declares it official - but in the meantime perhaps there's a Mashable Mash-up near you where you can help celebrate this year's kick-off.

On Wednesday, June 30th, Mashable will be organizing meetups in cities where they have staff utilizing 'Meetup Everywhere.' So if you don't have any plans, join up for drinks in New York City or San Francisco, or check out one of the other 600+ meetups in 93 countries.

There is a lot of flexibility in what exactly a meetup consists of. Some groups are organizing social networking hours at their local venues, while others are hosting speakers or panels. Mashable wants to give attendees the flexibility to tailor a meetup to what they think best suits your social community.

According to the Mashable report, "Social media has changed our lives. It has not only changed the way we communicate, but the way we connect with one another, consume our news, conduct our work, organize our lives, and much more. So why not celebrate?"

From panel discussions, to charity fundraisers and even sponsoring sporting events, there are a lot activities that can be organized in conjunction with future Social Media Days. Here is a message from Mashable's founder Pete Cashmore explaining the origins of his idea and goals associated with Social Media Day.

As a first-time event to commemorate how Social Media has changed our lives, Cashmore wants to use this platform to continue to organize regular meetups around the world throughout the year. Visit for more information. While we can all celebrate social media on one day, as this channel keeps evolving, it's important to explore and push its boundaries on a daily basis to reap many of its rich rewards.

UPDATE: Orange County Register - July 1 - An on-screen Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, beams into Meetups and viewers around the world during the company's inaugural Social Media Day.

Jun 30, 2010
by Anonymous

oh the irony..oh the humanity..

not to rain on cahsmore's parade and self-anointed powers to "enact" Social Media Day, but come on..really? do we really need to put more emphasis on social media by designating 1 day to commemorate its significance? is this a PR stunt gone wrong? and most importantly, at the end of the day, do hordes of people crowding around having a party and likely tweeting every single detail a prime example of how to foster meaningful face-to-face dialogue/connections?

it's a bit overkill for me. no offence to the genuine folks who truly believe this is a worthy gesture, but quite frankly IMHO it's a bit of an unnecessary stunt, which—when considering the grander scheme of day-to-day life that in fact NEEDS and CAN'T DO WITHOUT social media—is oddly not even trending on twitter as i type this.

the end.

- autom (ya i said those things..sawwy..just speaking my mind..we're all er entitled aren;t we?)