Mashoonga Foam Saber Slices Into Office Fun

The Mashoonga Foam Saber is a fun way to settle inter-office debates or just enjoy swordplay without the possibility of losing an appendage.

It's from the guys over at ThinkGeek, and it's called the Mashoonga Foam Saber. From the name, you'd guess that it would be made of foam and guess what: you'd be right. The Saber has a polycarbonate core that makes it stand up to all but the most aggressive beatings, but with a soft, flame-resistant (please don't burn it) polyethylene coating, the Mashoonga Foam Saber is a great way to get your sword-swinging needs under control without the police having to attend your residence.

At 33" long and with a washable nylon sleeve, scabbard and a sticker, this $12.99 piece of weaponry is great deal for young boys, medievally inclined young women and legions of bored and glassy-eyed office workers. Not only is the Saber nice and lightweight in addition to having a good reach but is also just about as safe as can be, especially considering all of the other things that coworkers and friends can choose to smack each other with these days.

Of course, caution is still recommended. Hitting hard enough with these will mean that someone can get hurt by the poly core, and we'd hate to see you enjoying your next office battle only to end up with a serious concussion or broken arm. Chicks dig scars, but telling people you were hurt by a foam saber might not be the best way to set yourself up as being a hero of the ages.

Plus, saying "Mashoonga!!" just really sounds fun. If we had one of these in our possession, all strikes made would be accompanied by a name-brand shout to let all those around know that a foam samurai was on the loose and that the Mashoonga Foam Saber would soon be coming their way.

Source: Think Geek