Massive Amount Of Lithium Found In Wyoming

Rock Springs, WyomingRock Springs, Wyoming

If you use a mobile phone, or any portable electronic, you know that the little kept secret of any portable device is that battery technology has barely improved over the years. We still struggle to keep our smartphone charged through the day, and modern batteries, currently found in millions of electronic gadgets, all rely on lithium. Right now, the US imports the vast majority of its lithium, and while it is a recyclable substance, there is no guarantee that the supplies will last forever. Now however, it seems that at least for the US, these imports may not be needed for long.

Researchers at the University of Wyoming have found a huge reserve of lithium deep underground near Rock Springs. This natural reserve could hold enough lithium to serve all of the needs of the country for years to come. This is a rare find but could be an economic boom for the region, and could even drive prices down, and push innovation in this sector up.

Meanwhile, researchers are still trying to find new ways to make our gadgets last longer, but until then, these types of lithium powered batteries will remain the best source of energy we can have. This new reserve is ideal in many ways to bring those costs down. The way it is located in the ground makes it easy to gather, and the fact that it lies not far from a soda ash industrial processing center makes it ideal, since both products are used together in the creation of batteries.

Apr 26, 2013
by Anonymous

Radical, now add to our oil,

Radical, now add to our oil, & other innovations, we can be Energy Free.
Mass produce these batteries nationwide
Must invest alone,

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Apr 27, 2013
by Anonymous

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