Massive Gaming With The World's Biggest Pac-Man

I have a fond space for Pac-man in my heart. It was probably one of the first video games that I ever played but it still manages to get me in a tizzy whenever I play it (which, due to my busy schedule, I haven't done so for a while now). There's just something about wanting to avoid those ghosts who want to eat me up, that's all.

Anyway, if you're a fan of the game then get ready because something massive this way comes: the World's Biggest Pac-man!

When they world's biggest, they do mean the world's biggest. The game is powered by HTML5 and was created by Soap Interactive for Microsoft and the license-holder Namco Bandai. It was developed to promote Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, but of course you can still play the game in any browser you like.

The game is so huge, in fact, that there's a map enclosed in a red box to the left of the screen showing where you currently are in the Pac-man world.

This is something you must see to appreciate. I'm sure you're probably dying to be pointed to that world anyway, so here's the link and enjoy: The World's Biggest Pac-man