Matchlights: A New Twist on Playing With Fire

not your average matchnot your average match

Now you can play with matches without fear of getting burned. Contemporary lighting concepts seem to know no end in their inherent coolness. I am continually amazed by the novel ideas that are constantly spilling forth from the minds of today's innovative artists. The "Matchlight", designed by Chetan Sorab, is just such a fresh concept in home lighting.

Designed to be a mood lighting concept to help set sparks flying, this heap of matchlights aims to create a "sweet disorder " that will cater not only to romantic evenings, but other moods as well. These glowing, ambient light sticks consist of a magnetized propelyene body, so they can be arranged in a straight line or in whatever fashion suits you, and as long as they're touching the power of induction will work its magic, sending light throughout the whole bunch. That's right -- only one is connected via a cord to a power source, but its enough to galvanize the other sixteen.


Designed by Indian native Chetan Sorab, Matchlights received third place at Lumisource International Lighting Competition, as well as special mention at an Elle Décor event. They'd certainly get my vote. These firestarters are only in concept stage right now, but let's hope they go into production before winter's over for those cozy evenings at home.

Source: yanko design and epicenter design

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