Mathers Lifeways Cafes: Grab A Cup Of Joe If You’re 65 Or Older!

While some may call it discrimination, cafes for senior citizens are popping up all across the United States, and the company behind it promises that their businesses focus on aging well. It's a concept that started in nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the country, which have now expanded into an empire all its own. Grab a coffee at a café for seniors, and make a toast to aging.

Mathers Lifeways is the name behind many senior services programs in the US, particularly in the Chicago area. However, it's their brand of senior-friendly cafes that have really made their name. The cafes have become a meeting place for seniors to snack on gourmet fare, and come together to learn new skills. The Mathers Lifeways cafes have computer internet terminals, and host seminars to help seniors improve their skills and become more technically inclined. The locations also feature a number of speaking guest to discuss senior care and issues relevant to the aging population.

By creating a senior-friendly location like Mathers Lifeways cafes, seniors are encouraged to come together without judgment or discrimination because of their age; however, if you're under 65, you might receive scrutinizing looks when grabbing your cup of joe!

Jun 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this nationwide

Have Starbucks or Peets sublet or vendor for Coffees? teas?

& offer adult drinks, smoothies, juices, wines?

Must for all senior resident living IE San Dimas CA.

Sacramento CA, Honolulu HI, Albq NM, Las Vegas NV, Los Olivos CA.

Jun 7, 2009
by Anonymous


ordinary foods as well and not just gourmet, also perhaps since some eldery do not have teeth or difficulty eating perhaps mashed things as well (and not just potatoes). Hard to make somethings look apetizing though if it's mashed or very very small bits of meat (but together make a whole portion of meat). Different kinds of soups too. Different priceranges for those elderly that are very poor and up to those rich elderly. I think it can be a good idea just got to realise even the poor elderly needs to go to cafes and hang out.