Matte's Incredible! Ten Cool Cars With Matte Finishes

Whoever decided cars should have shiny, gleaming, polished skins probably never saw a well-done matte paint job or vinyl wrap. These ten cars not only sport cool matte finishes, you can bet their owners don't freak out over every little smudge or fingerprint.   

1) Orange A Peel

A matte orange Cadillac? It's more likely than you think, especially in China. While we'll refrain from being judgmental, ALL of the matte-finished cars depicted in this post are from the Middle Kingdom.

Why? Because they make no apologies and kowtow to no style bible. The Cadillac CTS sedan above, restrainedly accessorized with tinted windows and matte gray five-spoke alloy rims is a perfect example.

2) Audacious Audi Is No Oddity

This Beijing beauty employs a soothing matte blue body wrap highlighted by polished chrome mirrors and gas cap. Down below, subtle matte dark gray five-spoke alloy wheels stand out with the addition of red brake pads.  

3) Simply Fabia-ulous!

One doesn't see a Skoda Fabia every day, even in China. What are the odds of encountering one wrapped in preposterous matte purple... and you can take our use of the word “odds” any way you like.

This skewed Skoda has a white roof to reduce heating the interior on sunny days and the owner economized by not switching out the standard anodized wheels for something more complementary. Another curious contrast is provided by the glossy blue side mirrors... was that intentional or did the installer simply forget to wrap them? 

4) Maxed Out Mini

The Mini Countryman is a somewhat unusual-looking vehicle on which almost any type of paint or finish just seems to work. Take the matte pink example above, seemingly rescued from a vat of Pepto-Bismol.

The judicious addition of chrome accents on and around the grill along with cute pink hubs on the five-spoked alloy rims adds the right touch of bling to what must be the only such grocery-getter on the block.  

5) Grape Cooler

This BMW M6 from Beijing isn't exactly a late-model – the E63 series was produced from 2003 through 2010 – but its rich ultra-violet matte wrap gives it a timeless aura.

The purple people-eater also flaunts a carbon fiber front spoiler and matte gray six-spoke alloy rims along with a set of tinted windows to decrease visibility... and enhance exclusivity. Speaking of the latter, just check out the license plate! 

6) Space In Vader

Here's an Audi A7 “sportback” sedan doing its best Darth Vader imitation while looking deathly cool... even in the rain! If you've ver wondered how a matte black finish handles inclement weather, wonder no more.

The owner of this Beijing vehicle has accentuated the Audi's menacing vibe by tinting the windows and installing a set of matte gray ten-spoke alloy wheels. A nice contrast is achieved by chrome accent trim on the door handles, around the window frames, and along the toothy grille.       

7) Tangerine Dream

Not only the food is spicy in Chengdu, capitol of China's Szechuan province! Check out this acid-trip orange matte-wrapped BMW 335i convertible wearing its removable hardtop.

Low-profile tires and custom black alloy rims provide the dark side to this juicy fruit from Bavaria. The owner won't meet a similar vehicle soon, either: regular 3-series Bimmers are manufactured in China by the Brilliance-BMW joint venture while convertibles must be imported.  

8) Mint Condition

Lest you think wealthy Chinese are only spending their yuan dressing up high-end foreign makes, this minty-green Baojun 630 sedan would like a word or two. Spotted lying low – literally – in a Beijing parking garage, this particular Baojun 630 employs a lowered suspension and matching body kit along with BBS multi-spoke alloy rims wearing extra wide tires.

The Baojun 630 is based on the Buick Excelle platform originally designed by GM-Korea and sold (since 2011) by the SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture company. As far as the color goes, the last mint-green Buick most anyone has seen probably sported portholes, whitewalls, tail fins and an “I Like Ike” bumper sticker.  

9) Reiz A Little Hell

The Toyota Reiz is only sold in China; it's known as the Toyota Mark X in Japan. The front engine, rear wheel drive sedan is powered by V6 engines providing either 212 or 253 horsepower, so the muscular blue-wrapped Reiz above has got the walk to back up the talk.

Spied in Shenzhen, a large city in China's southern Guangdong Province bordering Hong Kong, this matte blue marauder features contrasting hot pink striping around the grille and along the doors. Black six-spoke alloy rims add a serious note moderated by the one spoke per wheel that's wrapped in pink.  

10) Lavender Rose

If you were wondering just what the heck a Buick Excelle was, check out the Buick Excelle XT above... though very few look this, er, interesting. Hailing from Shanghai, the compact best-seller (yes, Buick is BIG in China) marries two matte shades in a way few would have ever considered.

Starting with a matte dark lavender wrap, this excellent Excelle sports extra polished chrome on its grille and around the windows. The latter are tastefully tinted, a matte pink front spoiler lip highlights the form-fitting body kit, and the whole package rides majestically on chromed ten-spoke alloy rims.  


While matte finishes both painted or wrapped aren't completely maintenance-free, keeping non-reflective finishes looking mean on your machine takes less elbow grease than for the average shiny skin.

Besides, owners who care enough about their rides will do what it takes to show them off to best advantage. That's that... and that's matte. (matte car finish image at top via Car Paper, above via SEMA, all others via Car News China)