Mattracks Powerboard Sounds More Fun Than It Looks

Cross a snowmobile with a snowboard and you should open up the flood gates of adrenaline and have a pretty sick ride across any snow-covered field. And yet this Mattracks Power Board makes that very cross and looks downright dull doing it.


Perhaps it's the monotone, 1970's after-school special narrator guiding us through, perhaps the 8-year-old riders that don't appear to surpass 2 mph or 4 inches of vert, but this thing just falls well short of the sum of its parts.

The Mattracks is basically a motor-powered board that glides across the snow with the help of a snowmobile-like tread. The board derives power from a mid-mounted, 200cc engine that is sure to weigh things down as much it spins the tread. A throttle on the adjustable T-bar handle allows the rider to control all the horsepower and steering is performed by leaning from side to side. A failsafe switch cuts power to the engine should the rider fall off, so this beast won't bear down on you as you flounder around in a snow drift. 

Supposedly, the Mattracks will hit up to 18 mph and "even faster in the right snow conditions". Somehow, we doubt it very much. 

Mattracks actually makes some pretty sweet conversion systems for transforming vehicles into terrain-scarfing machines of unstoppableness, so it's kind of a shame they brought us this hunk of lameness. 

Find more info and get "psyched" for this one by watching the thrill-a-thon below.