Matuse Produces Quality Wetsuits And Hip Apparel

The Matuse line of wetsuits and Matuse apparel epitomize the Matuse mission to meld art and function to create premium products. Not only is their gear sleek and stylish, it incorporates a level of innovation that sets it apart from competitors.

Matuse WetsuitsMatuse Wetsuits

About Matuse

The Matuse mindset is a sort-of "function dictates form" mentality. They seek to create products that are beautiful and stylish, while giving the wearer ultimate quality and function. Balance--balance of nature and industry, passion and method--is their mantra.

Matuse produces wetsuits--that's their bread and butter--and both Men's and Women's apparel. The apparel consists of tee shirts and bottoms, most of it falling into the "activewear" category. As I mentioned, the wetsuits are Matuse's bread and butter. They have a variety of wetsuits, each employing their Geoprene technology, which I'll get into next.

Matuse ActivewearMatuse Activewear

Matuse Innovation: Geoprene

Traditional wetsuits are generally made of foamed neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that provides excellent insulation against the cold. It also provides divers, surfers, canoeists and others with protection against abrasions and added buoyancy. 

All of the Matuse wetsuits use geoprene instead of neoprene. Geoprene is a variant of neoprene that is made out of limestone instead of oil (used in regular neoprene). Matuse employs geoprene in their wetsuits, because it is a better material.

Women's WetsuitWomen's Wetsuit

First, geoprene is 98% water impermeable, while neoprene is only 65% water impermeable, and geoprene doesn't absorb as much water as the normal wetsuit. In fact, you'll find that when you come out of the water in a Matuse wetsuit, you'll be much lighter than you would wearing a traditional wetsuit. Since it absorbs less water, the geoprene suits also dry quicker.

Geoprene also has a maximum elongation of 480-530%, which means you'll be very comfortable in a Matuse suit. Matuse wetsuits are also thinner than traditional suits, because the molecular makeup of geoprene allows for this. 

Matuse Products 

Women's ApparelWomen's Apparel

Matuse produces several types and styles of wet suits. They have full suits, hooded suits, sleeveless suits and an assortment of wet suit tops and bottoms. One of the featured wetsuits is the Dojo Triathlete Full Wetsuit. This suit features the most efficient insulating surface coating for a suit on the planet today. This means you will stay warm in this suit. 

The Dojo will also send you through the water with zero drag. It has an unbeliveably low surface friction coefficient of 0.032. I don't know much about the surface friction coefficient, but this suit is slick. It also won't snag or suck up water and it is super soft. 

You can pick up one of these bad boys on Amazon. Also see the Matuse line of wetsuits, including a women's line, which feature suits tailored for a smaller body. 

Matuse Tee And ShortsMatuse Tee And Shorts

The Men's Apparel line consists of hats, tees with the Matuse logo (three unbroken lines, representing Heaven, above three broken lines, representing Earth), shorts and performance gear. And the women's line features tops, bottoms (including bathing suit bottoms) and performance wear. 

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