Maxell Pokemon Batteries, I Choose You!

Maxell, famed for its iconic "Blown Away Guy" advertising for audio tape cassettes, is going back to its battery making roots with a new line of Pokemon motif alkaline batteries.

Officially named Hitachi Maxell Inc., the company dates back to 1960 when it first began manufacturing "maximum capacity dry cell" batteries. After achieving great success in the 1970s and 1980s with audio cassette tapes and other recordable media, Maxcell today finds itself falling back on its foundations: batteries.

Scheduled to debut on May 25th, 2010, the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl motif size AA and AAA alkaline batteries feature a new zinc alloy casing said to be much more effective in reducing leaks. Maxell touts the new casing as being more child-friendly then before.

Employing favorite Pokemon character Pikachu to spearhead the launch is an inspired move by Maxell, who will eventually utilize a total of 23 different Pokemon characters on the battery casings. Pikachu, as we all know, can store electrical energy in its round red cheek patches and release it to great effect during battles with other Pokemon.

Maxell's new Pokemon motif batteries will come packaged in either cardboard-backed blister packs of 4 batteries each, or shrink-wrapped packs of 8 batteries each. Inside the packs, kids will find one of 7 different Pokemon stickers. As the well-worn Pokemon slogan goes, "collect them all!" (via Impress Watch, battery images © Nintendo · Creatures · GAME FREAK · TV Tokyo · ShoPro · JR Kikaku © Pokémon)

May 3, 2010
by Anonymous


i already have some Pokemon Batteries, but they're a different brand, they do have the nintendo logo, i got them at a Nintendo convention a few years back, are those collectibles??
i still have them in there original package.